Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Words after PMR

Finally, PMR has ended.
Since it has ended, I don't want to think of it again. During PMR, it was like a war. A war to protect your country.
Actually the real "War" doesn't look like that. Its something like this.
Pretty peaceful, right? I prefer this type type of "Peace" war. But a war is not a war if it is peace. Well anyway, its the end of PMR. I am free to do what the xxxx I want. I am free!!!
Well actually, during PMR, its like staying inside a jail too. Because you cannot do whatever you want. You are forced to study.
But after this war PMR, I am starting to get a little board and agitated because my entertainment is contently bother by my family member.
Whenever I am watching an anime...

Or playing computer games...
Some of them will walk past me and criticize what I was doing.
So that's it.

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