Saturday, February 14, 2015

Why motorcycles are hard to control while travelling through obstacles

Why motorcycles are hard to control while travelling through obstacles. This video is about a motorcycle safety tip.

This video explains why it is hard to control your motorcycle while travelling through obstacle.

At 0:30 and 0:58 you can see that the front wheel is in mid-air after ramming through an obstacle. While this happens, control ability is severely reduced.

Advice from Hageshii Hayashii: Travel safely by obeying the law. Remember your loved ones.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The phone that I got

Previously, I said I was gonna buy the All New HTC One a.k.a HTC One M8. However, a last minute decision has caused me to choose another phone also from HTC. Its the HTC Butterfly 2 from the Butterfly family a.k.a the real flagship of HTC in 2014. Continue reading and you will know why I said that.

It might not be as beautiful or as premium as the HTC One M8 but it was due to its more advantage points that gained my attention.

-Software and hardware same as HTC One M8 except:
1.) 2700mAh battery (HTC One M8 is 2600mAh)
2.)Waterproof with IPX67 (Can stay in water for 30 minutes. Must not go beyond 1 meter in depth)
3.)13MP Duo camera. Yup, you heard that right, its 13MP AND Duo Camera.
1.)Body is not very beautiful
2.)Red version is fingerprint magnet
3.)Lack of image stabilization
4.)Occasionally camera is slow to respond especially focusing.

To proof what I said were correct, Google up the phone. Its called HTC Butterfly 2. It was released on September 2014.

Before you get all excited and prepared to buy this phone, be enlighten that its only available in Southeast Asia.

SPM ( Malaysian Certificate of Education) is over and now I'm enjoying 3 months plus of holiday and NEET (not in education, employment or training).

Animal Love - Two birds' encounter

In conjunction with the upcoming Valentine's Day which falls on January 14, I decided to upload a romantic video about animal love which shows 2 birds having a lovely encounter.

The birds in the video are Eurasian tree sparrow which are common in Malaysia. Click here to learn more about this particular bird.

One of the bird decided to feed another bird. It later leaves the site to search for more food for its beloved partner. While searching for food, its partner is seen searching for food too.

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