Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introduction of Hagetory

Actually Hagetory existed since 2009. At that time, this blog is all about crappy, junk and uninteresting rubbish post. Now the time has come for Hagetory to transform! Actually it has already been transformed. The old Hagetory has a green background. Before it become Hagetory, it has others stupid names such as "I-am-a-big-asshole" etc.
The official favicon of Hagetory.

Hagetory first started as a 'nobody-wants-to-read' blog because it is boring and there is nothing that can satisfy a person on each of the entry. Hagetory transformed in 2012.
Owner of Hagetory (censored)
This is the owner of Hagetory. His face was censored because he wanted to remain/become anonymous on the internet. Maybe some of you (mostly teen/friends of him) can recognize him.

Labels on Hagetory's page. 
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